LOCATION OF POSITION: Navy Gateway Inns & Suites, NAS Pensacola, Fl.


OPENING DATE: 03/05/2021                                                                CLOSING DATE: Until Filled

                                                                                                                          1st CUTOFF: 03/19/2021


POSITION: Gardener/NA-5003-04                                                          SALARY: $10.65-$12.44/ PH


EMPLOYMENT CATEGORY: Flexible (May be scheduled to work up to 40 hours weekly, May be required to work weekends, holidays, and evenings. No Group Benefits Included)


AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Applications will be accepted from all sources.


DUTIES:  Ensures security of all guest is maintained at all times. Ensures guest privacy at all times. Maintains appearance of external areas of building, to include walkways, entryways, paths, sidewalks and driveways. Rakes/shovels to ensure areas are clear of leaves, dirt, ice and snow. Removes weeds and unwanted plants from cracks, joints, and crevices. May assist with maintenance and care of building exteriors as needed, to include washing windows and entry doors, cleaning sills, pressure washing building exteriors, and maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness of gazebos/decks spa areas, etc. Work includes gardening, general care of grounds (including picking up trash and debris/cutting grass), planting and transplanting grass, ground cover, flowers, shrubs and trees. Controls and prevents pests, vertebrates (rodents, birds, etc.) and plant pests such as weeds, plant diseases and fungi. Maintains lawns to include laying sod, aerating existing lawns, seeding, mowing, and trimming edges with the use of applicable hand and power tools. Prunes and trims flowers, shrubs and hedges for a neat appearance. Rakes/shovels to ensure areas are clear of leaves, dirt, ice and snow to ensure patron safety and visibility of surrounding buildings and other areas. Inspects plants for obvious plant diseases, plant insects, and unusual or poor plant growth and reports these conditions to the supervisor. Operates equipment to include hand mowers, standing mowers, weed cutters, and a variety of hand tools. May operate a tractor with pull power. May be required to greet guests at time of arrival and offer assistance with luggage, directions, base services and local area information. May be required to store and track guest luggage in a secure area. Performs other related duties as required.


QUALIFICATIONS: Requires knowledge of seasonal gardening tasks and procedures. A general knowledge of gardening tasks and procedures. Knowledge of environmental rules and regulations concerning procedures, equipment, commonly used chemicals and basic safety is required. Ability to detect plant diseases and/or unusual plant growth. Ability to use a variety of hand and power operated tools, such as seeders, spreaders, edgers, hedge trimmers, pruning shears and sprayers. A minimum of 6 months experience in basic grounds and building maintenance is preferred. Must possess basic math and reading skills.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORK ENVIROMENT: Work is preformed primarily outdoors working in direct sunlight frequently, and subject to weather conditions including heat, cold, rain snow, wet and wind. Although hazards are minimized through the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the employee will be subjected to standing, walking, turning, twisting, stooping, bending, pushing, pulling, reaching, climbing, running power mowers on grades, or pushing heavy wheelbarrow loads of cement, lifting or carrying luggage, etc. and lifting items weighing up to 45 pounds unassisted, higher weights with assistance. Some physical activities are prolonged in nature. The incumbent is subject to hot/cold weather, sun, rain, dirt, mud and sometimes to chemical sprays and dusts. Extreme temperature and weather conditions may exist when working outdoors.