Sherman Cove Marina


Update: Information on this page is subject to change at anytime, please check with Sherman Cove Marina staff.

Bayou Grande Marina: 850-490-3881
?Sherman Cove Marina: 850-382-3855
Dry Storage or Wet Slips call 850-490-3881 or 850-824-1310

NOTE: Facility/Rental hours may be adjusted on days of inclement weather.

Sherman Cove, is a small estuary on the southwest portion of the Naval Air Station at mile 179 of the inter-coastal waterway (ICW) just west of the Pensacola land cut.  A shoal draft channel with a project depth of 5’ passes between the old roadway bridge trestles to enter the cove.  Some shoaling has occurred so caution is advised if you draw 3’ or more.

With less than two miles to the entrance of Pensacola Bay there is no better departure point for someone wanting a day on their off shore fishing spots.

Eligible Patrons:

Military rates are for Active Duty (plus dependents), Retirees (plus dependents) and VA service connected disability veterans. 
DoD rates are for DoD Civilian Employees and full-time Contractors. 


Two launch ramps and ample trailer parking along the road make getting on the bay as easy as we can make it. Keep in mind, we’re about the worst kept fisherman’s secret, so on snapper openings and those beautiful play days the line for the ramp tends to grow quickly.

Ramp Fees

            Military:  Monthly $15.00 or Daily $5.00
            DoD: Monthly $20.00 or Daily $6.00 

Wash Down Rack
There is a four position wash down rack available for flushing your engines and rinsing off after a day on the water.
Please be courteous to other boaters, the area is not intended as a wash down are strictly to rinse and go.

Marina Store:

The store has all the usual amenities:

  • Ice, by the bag or bucket. 
  • A variety of frozen bait
  • A variety of beverages (Soda, energy drinks, beer and wine)
  • A few other retail items. 

If there are things you would like added please let the staff know. 


Dry Storage

Sherman cove has multiple fenced gravel storage lots offering a total of 322 spaces.  The unique feature of these spaces is they currently have water and power available.    Sherman cove tends to remain full so wait lists of various lengths are maintained, for retirees about 18 month is average.   Availability is based on authorized patronage, Insurance and registration. 


Due to the proximity to the Gulf SHERMAN COVE storage lots fall under Mandatory Evacuation when NAS reaches COR3 prior to a hurricane.  You should be aware of this as you consider a storage contract.

Storage rates* per Month:
Military: $65 
DoD: $70
*Currently electrical use and water are included but this is subject to change. 


Sherman cove has 32 slips available for either Transient or long term in water storage. 
Requirements for storage are: Authorized patronage, current registration, and insurance as will be discussed at signing.

Wet Slip rates per month: 
Military: $10 per foot
DoD: $11 per foot

Transient Wet Slip rates per night: 
Military: $1.50 per foot
DoD: $2 per foot



Sherman cove has a fleet of vessels of different varieties and sizes.  Our vessels are limited to inshore operations but with 25miles of the ICW and most of Pensacola Bay you have a great area for safe recreational boating.


Safe boating requires some advance knowledge and training, with some boats moving at highway speeds a wrong decision could become tragic. To avoid this prior to renting/operating one of our vessels, the following conditions must be met. Some flexibility exists “with management” for equivalent military or professional training to meet some of these requirements.

State Boating Safety Certification:

If you were born after 1988 a state boater certification class is required. Either Florida or your home state is acceptable. Various Online courses are available, and the easiest link to find them is at which will provide access to many of the courses.  These courses can take from hours to days depending on your experience, the number of disruptions and your efforts.

Sherman Cove knowledge and practical exams:

Like any rental facility, there are rules unique to that facility to cover these we have; a study guide, an exam and an on water operations check ride.

The study guide may be downloaded here:     SCM Skippers Safety Manual

Taking the exam is: closed book, by appointment and must be completed in the facility, the practical can be scheduled immediately following completion of the exam.

The fee for the exam and practical is:
Military: $20
DoD: $25 


Rental Fleet:

Our Boat “Stages” are determined by Horse Power so a “stage one” vessel has 75 HP or less, “stage tow” as all HP greater than 75.


17' Boston Whaler

Perennial favorite for bay fisherman, this flat stable boat will get in close and provide what is needed to fish.  Not much on room or creature comforts it holds a maximum of 3 persons.*

22' Non-Fishing Pontoon
These are straight out of the country song,  Big cushy seats designed for playing on the waterways and beaches, play your music, relax on the wave and soak up the sun – don’t get burned! A maximum of 10 persons *

22’ Fishing Pontoon
Not as comfortable seating, more of the coolers with cushioned tops seating. but nothing to stop you from casting a line and having a more sporting kind of fun. A maximum of 10 persons*



17’ Cape Horn
A classic center console recreational boat.  Get there fast, wherever there is, have fun in the fashion of your choosing and get home fast. A maximum of 4 persons *

21’ Edgewater
Bigger is better or at least it’s more; More room, more power, more people. A maximum of 6 persons *

22’ Non-fishing Pontoon
The newest in the fleet these 2 have 90HP engines pushing them along though showing their popularity through wear and tear are still stylin’ way to play on the bay. A maximum of 10 persons *

*Note:  During HPCON all vessel capacities are reduce to allow a modicum of distancing within the space afforded in each vessel.  Please ask as you make your reservation what these numbers and other HPCON rules apply.

 Rental Pricing:

Rental rates are based on the following reservation time slots:

AM HALF DAY = 0730-1200
PM HALF DAY = 1230-1600
ALL DAY = 0730-1600

  • If you make a reservation for 1000-1500, you are taking both time slots and will be charged the full day.
  • Hourly rate is ONLY used when the Marina staff recall your vessel. If you return early on your own, you still owe for the whole half day/full day you had it reserved.
  • ?Fuel is charged at the end of the day based on usage, and is in addition to the rental rate. 


Damage Fees:

Damage incurred during the rentals will be charged to the person on the rental contract.  Some items are fixed pricing as displayed at the Marina, other damage, such as internal damage to the engine may take longer to determine, and fees will be accessed according to the cost to repair.  When this happens you will be notified and costs presented.