Aquatics Programs


Located in Bldg. 3203 directly behind the Mustin Beach Club on the Mustin Pool Deck. 



Barrancas Beach – Radford Blvd

Barrancas Beach is located on NAS Pensacola conveniently close to the lighthouse and Navy Lodge. The guarded beach provides a fun and safe environment. Barrancas Beach has a full bath house, beach volleyball, and multiple cabanas with grills available at a first come first serve basis. Please do not enter the water or attempt to swim in areas or during times when lifeguards are not on duty.

Corry Station Pool – Building 3735 (Corry Station)

The Corry Station Pool is an L-shaped pool located behind the Corry Station Family Fitness Center and is equipped with a shallow and deep end.  There is a ramp leading into the pool that allows easy access for handicap patrons. Corry Pool has an in-water rock wall, 1 meter diving board and two designated 25-year lap lanes available. 

Corry Pool has a Splash Pad with sprinklers, fountains, mushroom shower, nozzles, dumping buckets and other water play structures.  It offers canopy shading and seating areas.

Mustin Beach Pool – Building 3201 (Behind Mustin Beach Club)

The Mustin Beach Pool on NAS Pensacola is located on the waterfront behind the Mustin Beach Club. It is equipped with a recreational pool that has a designated baby-friendly area, shallow area, as well as a deep end with slide and rock wall. There is a separate 20 yard lap pool with 5 lap lanes for lap swim.  There are two covered picnic areas with tables.

NASP Indoor Pool – Building 3828

The Indoor pool is currently closed due to Hurricane Sally repairs, please call the Aquatics Office at 850-452-9429 for more information. Effective March 13, 2023.

The NASP Indoor Pool is located in Building 3828.  It offers a wide range of year-round activities, lap swim, group swim lessons, private lessons, youth swim team, masters training, lifeguard training, aqua aerobics and more.  Please call the aquatics office at 850-452-9429 for more information.

Aquatics Programming Information

The MWR Aquatics program offers recreational swim, lap swim, and a wide variety of programming. Program registration can be completed at the Aquatics Office with either exact cash or credit card, payment for indoor pool programs can be made at the indoor pool during MWR hours of operation or the Aquatics Office (Bldg. 3203). For more information contact Aquatics at 850-452-9429.

Yearly Programming:

Training: Pre-Team, Swim Team and Master’s Training

Swimming is a lifelong sport and can be a lifetime passion.  Training is not just doing a practice off of the internet.  It is working within a team structure and challenging yourself to swim technically well, swim faster, stronger, to learn a new skill, and to be motivated to just come!  Whether a 4-year-old starting out in the pre-swim team program (Jr. Jets or Jets), a 6-18-year-old on a year around swim team (Blue Angel Aquatics Club), a competitive swimmer, swimming for fitness, a triathlete, or in the adult Master’s Program, we try to meet your needs! We have on deck coaching by certified coaches who encourage everyone to meet their potential!

  1. Jr. Jets & Jets (Pre-Swim Team): Jr. Jets (ages 4-7) and Jets (school aged) is a pre-swim team, designed for children who are familiar with backstroke and freestyle but need to work on their technique and gain endurance. Practice is on Monday & Thursday: Jr. Jets: 1700-1740, Jets: 1800-1850.
  2. Blue Angel Aquatics Club (BAAC) Swim Team: School-aged to 18 years. Practice days and times depend on which group they are placed in. All practices will be between 1700-1900, days vary between Monday through Friday.
  3. Masters Training Group: Our Master's swim program helps take our swimmers 18 and up to the next level. Practice is Monday through Thursday 1700-1800. Monthly fee $25 or daily fee $4.00 (AD free).

Swimming Lessons
We offer lessons for both adults and children. Chose the best option, group or private lessons. Great instructors and the ability to choose what you want to learn make one on one a great choice for those with busy schedules! 

  1. Winter group swim lessons: Available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1645 to 1715 for beginners, 1720 to 1750 for intermediate. 
  2. Summer group lessons: Offered Tuesday through Friday in the morning or evening.
  3. Private lessons (one-on-one): Available for both adults and children and can be scheduled early evenings, late evenings and on weekends. Morning lessons will be available during the summer.


Lifeguard Training
We offer Pre-Course training and Lifeguard certification and review courses.  In order to be certified as a Lifeguard, candidates need to be able to pass the American Red Cross pre-course test, 100% attendance is required by ARC to pass this class. 

  1. Lifeguard Prep: Classes are held on Thursdays at 1900 for only $5. This class emphasizes skills needed to pass the Lifeguard Pre-test, focusing on freestyle and breaststroke, water-treading without hands and retrieval of 10 lb. object.
  2. Lifeguard Certification: Minimum 15 years old. Winter and Spring Classes available. The cost associated is $15 for the required Pre-test and $170 for the Lifeguard Certification course. Pre-test consists of 300-yard continuous swim using freestyle, breaststroke, or a combination of the two, 2-minute water tread without hands, and a 20-yard brick retrieval. We are currently teaching a blended learning class; completion of the online portion is required prior to the first in person class. Please call the Aquatics Office for more information on class dates and times.
  3. Lifeguard Review: Must hold current ARC Lifeguard certification, verification must be presented prior to attending course. Pre-test is required and given on the first day. Course fee is $120. Contact the Aquatics Office for class dates and times.

Aqua Aerobics (Check back for availability, classes resume soon)
Aqua Aerobics classes are low impact and high energy, which makes it easy on joints but with the water’s natural resistance, every step is more challenging and can really tone your muscles!! Our Aqua Aerobics class uses aquatic resistance equipment and sets a slower pace for our patrons. We have both shallow and deep water classes. We also offer Aqua Zumba.  All classes are free for authorized patrons (ages 16 and up) and $4 for guests.

Skill Proficiency
Skill-pro is a free class designed for active duty service members that focuses on basic stroke technique and skills for the following strokes; freestyle, breaststroke, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke.

Seasonal Programming:

Summer Camps
The MWR Aquatic summer camps are an amazing treat! Registration begins in January.  We offer a little bit of everything for kids in a half-day format!  Camps include Sailing Camp, Puddle jumpers, Water Safety Patrol, Fishing, Paddleboard, Beach Sports and Kayak camps.  Our longest running camp is the Junior Lifeguard Camp. It is a three week morning camp that is incredibly fun and teaches a wide array of skills.  Each year is different and most of our Junior Lifeguards come back every year until they are old enough to guard with MWR!

Other Services Offered:

Lap Swim
Indoor lap swimming is held Monday through Thursday from 1600-2100.  Open to all authorized patrons, 18 and over.  We swim circle pattern in order to maximize the use of the facility.  Just like driving on the road, circle swimming has just a few rules and six people can share a lane easily. (1) Swim counterclockwise keeping your shoulder near the lane line and swim around the black line on the bottom (2) Make your turns in the center of the lane. (3) Stop only on the walls and tuck yourself in the corner if you do have to stop. (4) Pick an appropriate lane for your speed.  Faster swimmers should swim in the center lanes, medium level to the far left lanes (near the bridges) and lower level or slower swimmers in the two far right lanes by the wall.  If you need a workout think about trying our Master’s swim program. 

Lap swim is also available at Corry Station Pool and Mustin Beach Pool (currently closed for the winter season).

Rec Swim
Recreation swim is open to all family members to enjoy the open pool water while developing swim skills. Lap Lite (lap swimming without lane lines) is available during Rec Swim.

Did you know you can book a private party at one of our pools? For $150 you get the private use of a pool with up to 75 guests with two Lifeguards. Call 850-452-9429 for more information.