NAS Pensacola Library

Located between the Chaplain’s office and the Navy Yard Café, the NAS Pensacola Library, or Station Library, has an extensive selection of books, current periodicals, and newspapers. Titles currently on the reading lists for all five services are available and on a rolling update. Computers with internet access are available for use within the library. Printing is free with certain restrictions; please see staff for questions about the printing policy. Navy GoWiFi access is available and quiet study areas are also available. We also have an extensive swap shelf where patrons can take home donated books to keep or swap books with other personal books for trade.

Station Library welcomes children. There is a designated child-friendly room complete with cozy furniture, books, audio/visual materials, and activities. All children under the age of 14 must be supervised during library visits.

Station Library supports our active duty members by providing multiple opportunities for volunteer hours. Please contact the library staff to inquire about volunteering for our monthly programs or helping with other aspects of the library.

Please check back with the NAS Pensacola MWR Facebook page for upcoming events and programs. Also, follow the Fleet and Family Pensacola Facebook page for more programming updates with Teen Scene! 

Navy MWR Digital Library

In addition to the services and media available locally, service members, their families, and DoD employees are eligible for the Navy MWR Digital Library, available 24/7/365!

Get started at , click log-in in the upper right-hand corner, and choose CAC or DS Logon for access. For any help regarding signing up and getting started, please contact library staff at 850-452-3194.

Check out the flyer on the sidebar for information about all the Navy MWR Digital Library has to offer, including audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, DIY help, finance resource, foreign language training, and so much more! Check it out anywhere, anytime!







Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Summer Reading Program

NAS Pensacola Library

This event repeats every week on Tuesday