Wenzel Fitness Center

Wenzel Fitness Center is a full-service fitness center that features: cardio equipment, free weights, spin bikes, group fitness classes, personal trainers and much more! Fitness equipment orientations, youth orientation, fitness assessments and facility tours are available.

Fitness Policies

Eligible Users

• An eligible user is de­fined as Active Duty and Active Duty family members, Retiree & Retiree family members, Reservist & Reservist family members and DoD Civilian employees.


• A guest is de­fined as any non-eligible patrons: to include DoD Civilian family members and visiting friends of any eligible patron. All guests must be escorted by their sponsor at all times. Guests are required to have picture identification and must sign in each time they use the facility. One guest limitation per sponsor.

Youth Policy

  • Children ages 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Children age 16+ unaccompanied must have proper identification to use the fitness center.

  • Infants & toddlers in strollers, car seat carriers are restricted to the basketball courts, racquetball courts, and volleyball areas. This is necessary to remove any potential injury to the child as well as being an unsafe distraction to other patrons.

  • Youth 9 and under when accompanied and under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian 18 years or older may use the basketball, racquetball and volleyball area for instructional skills development.

  • Youth 12 – 15 must attend Youth Orientation Class with current sports documentation stating the individual is cleared by PCM to workout before being allowed into the weight room and cardio areas.

    • Classes are held by appointment only at Wenzel Fitness.

    • Upon completion of orientation, each child will be issued a wristband and entered into the Master Youth Orientation Database.

    • These children are only allowed on select weight machines, treadmills, elliptical, ARC, stair climbers and bikes.

    • Please note the wristband must be worn at all times when in the fitness center. Guardians must be present to act as spotters, coach, and or workout partners. CNIC Instruction 1710.3 refers.

  • Children 15 years or younger are NOT allowed in the outdoor FitLocker area!

General Fitness Center Guidelines

• Consult a physician prior to beginning an exercise program
• Warm up prior to using the equipment and cool down afterward
• Be mindful of other users: 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment, if others are waiting to use it
• Report any injuries or equipment problems to staff members located at the front desk

Dress Code                                                                                       

• Proper gym attire and shoes are required at all times
• Sports bras, Muscle shirts or exposed undergarments must be covered
• No obscene or offensive print/ pictures on clothing allowed

Safety & Sanitation

• Food and drinks other than water are not allowed.
• For privacy and protection to all patrons, cell phone usage is prohibited in the locker rooms, fi­tness center, and group fi­tness classes
• No cameras are allowed in locker rooms
• No chalk (liquid or regular) are not allowed.
• Wipe off controls, panels, seats, rails, and pads after usage
• For sanitary purposes, workout towel are provided

Weight Room

• Weights, dumbbells, kettlebells and bars need to be returned to their proper place after usage
• Be in control of your weights and don't allow them to drop
• When using weights, collars are required
• Dumbbells, kettlebells and weight bars are not permitted on padded benches

General Information

• Trainers are available: Monday- Friday during gym hours at no charge
• All patrons are responsible for complying with these policies, as well as any additional policies posted throughout the facility.

PRT Running Improvement

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