Portside Fitness Center & Gym

The Portside Fitness Center houses both a comprehensive fitness facility and a gymnasium. Basketball and racquetball courts are provided along with locker rooms/shower/dry sauna and a sports equipment checkout area.

The fitness center offers, fitness trainers available by appointment to assess your current fitness level, provide equipment orientation and design programs to reach your fitness goals. The fitness center floor houses treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary and recumbent bikes and steppers. Portside Fitness Center has state of the art collection of strength training equipment. Included are Cybex selectorized machines, Hammer Strength machines and a wide variety of free weights.  We also have Olympic lifting platforms, bumper plates, and other functional training equipment available for use in our Functional Fitness Room.


Active members with ID cards are eligible patrons. All patrons entering the fitness facility and basketball court are required to show military ID at the front desk for eligibility verification.

Appropriate Attire

Patrons are required to wear appropriate exercise attire when using the fitness facilities.  Sweat gear, non-marking rubber-soled shoes, tee shirts, etc., are deemed appropriate.  Camouflage utilities are not authorized. Rubber suits and sauna suits are prohibited due to safety concerns.  Tank tops, T-shirts, and sports bras that reveal the mid-section are considered inappropriate athletic attire.  Fitness Center staff is authorized to enforce the appropriate attire policy as deemed necessary.

General Information

• Active Duty personnel has priority.
• All items must remain on base and be returned by close of business the same day checked out.
• The MWR staff cannot be responsible for individual identification cards, keys, or other personal items left at the front desk. Patrons must either keep these items with them at all times or secure in a daily locker.
• Please return all equipment to proper place after use.
• All padded and cardio equipment will be disinfected and wiped down after each use.
• Novice patrons are encouraged to seek assistance from certified fitness staff regarding proper workout and lifting techniques.
• For safety and security purposes, no personal items including gym bags are permitted in the fitness area. Lockers are available in both the men and women’s locker rooms to store personal items.
• Fitness staff may require and direct individuals to have a "spotter," based on the specific lift being accomplished
• All free weight bars must have safety collars in place while in use.
• The use of foul and abusive language will not be tolerated
• The use of tobacco products is prohibited on the fitness center and gymnasium grounds and anywhere inside the facilities.
• Spitting anywhere in the facility is strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the building.
• Food and beverages are not authorized in the gymnasium, racquetball courts, fitness area, functional fitness areas, locker rooms, and saunas.
• This is a water only facility.
 General safety and health-related policies are posted in the individual gyms to protect our customers and may be specific to one or more of our unique and specialized fitness centers.

Gym Floor Policies:

• Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is strictly prohibited.
• Personal clothing and other non-athletic equipment must be secured in lockers.
• Patrons must enter and exit through the main gymnasium doors. Fire doors should not be used except in an emergency.
• Proper athletic shoes must be worn on the gym floors.
• MWR functions have priority in the facility.

Locker Policies:

Daily Use Lockers:
• Daily lockers are available in Men’s and Women’s locker rooms free of charge.  Locks are not provided. 
• All items stored in daily use lockers should be removed by the end of the business day. 
• Locks remaining after twenty-four (24) hours will be cut off.  MWR is not responsible for items stored in the lockers.


Court Policies


• Reservations for unit functions are limited based on scheduled events.  Contact the front desk for information.
• Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is not permitted.
• Personal clothing and other non-athletic equipment must be secured in lockers and not on the floor.
• Patrons must enter and exit through the main gymnasium doors.  Fire doors should not be used except in an emergency.
• Proper athletic shoes (non-marking rubber-soled shoes) must be worn on the gym floor.
• MWR sponsored events have priority in the use of the court and equipment.
• Personal basketballs are not authorized in the gymnasium.


• Racquetball Court reservations at the Portside Fitness Center can be made by calling the front desk at 452-7810.
• Facility managers have final approval on facility reservations based on patron usage, maintenance, intramural activities and special events.
• Reservations limited to one hour during peak periods.
• Personnel who cannot show up must cancel their court reservation at least 15 minutes in advance of the appointed court time. If personnel fail to claim the court within 10 minutes of appointed time, the court will be forfeited and will be governed by challenge rules.
• Wearing of protective goggles is mandatory.
• Proper athletic shoes (non-marking rubber-soled shoes) must be worn on the racquetball courts.


Specialty Rooms

Functional Fitness

The functional fitness room is designed to cater to those that want to improve overall athletic conditioning and performance. This room offers powerlifting, functionally dynamic training and functional circuit training. There are 3 Olympic platforms, 1 squat rack, bumper plates, dumbbells, plyo-boxes, pull-up bars in and outdoors, rowers and much more. MWR events, trainer-led classes and trainer-led unit p.t.’s have priority in the use of this room and gym and equipment. Portside Fitness center has certified, MWR approved trainers to help with any questions, comments, or concerns. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Tap Out Room

This area provides patrons with the use of heavy bag, agility and core conditioning training.  Tap Out Rules are as follows:

• Each person MUST sign disclosure /sign in sheet BEFORE entering the Tap Out area.
• Boxing hand wraps and boxing gloves will be worn at all times while training with heavy bag.  No exceptions.
• Absolutely no hand to hand combat (wrestling, grappling, sparring, boxing).
• No shoes or boots of any kind inside the Tap Out cage area
• No climbing on fence or cage.
• No hard plates allowed.
• No weights inside Tap Out cage area.
• Wipe down ALL equipment with spray provided after use.
• Return all equipment to proper storage areas.


This area provides patrons with the use various types of core conditioning and resistance training equipment to include, roman chairs, adjustable sit up ladder, 45 degree back extension, resistance bands, stability, and medicine balls.  Bunker rules are as follows:
• Maximum Capacity 15.
• Wipe down equipment and mats with spray provided after use.
• Return all equipment to proper storage area after use.
• Avoid wall ball shots.
• Avoid handstands and push-ups against walls.
• Avoid taking equipment in or out of the Bunker.

Specialty Training

Fitness Training

Jump start your exercise program with the help of a fitness trainer. Individualized exercise programs are designed to meet each person's needs and goals. Our MWR fitness staff is certified by the American Council on Exercise in Personal Training, Clinical Exercise. Free to Active Duty.

For more details call 452-7810

Unit P.T.

This service can be arranged at any time for any interested unit.
Please contact our Fitness Specialists at 452-7810 to arrange a Unit PT.