Nature Trails

MWR Community Recreation and Fitness have a variety of nature trails onboard NAS Pensacola, Corry Station and Blue Angel Park. They are a great way to get outdoors and enjoy a scenic walk or run. Take the time to explore them all!



Sunec'ke trail is an easy .7 mile trail that leads to a pavilion outlook providing a panoramic view of Bayou Grande, allowing visitors to see a variety of species inhabiting the coastal wetland ecosystem.

Distance: .7 miles
Habitat: Coastal Wetlands, Pine/Oak Groves
Terrain: Natural Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Murray Rd. & Cunningham St.

Bayou Grande Nature Trail

Bayou Grande Nature Trail is an easy 1.3 mile loop through beautiful coastal wetlands with pine and oak groves. There are beautiful views of Bayou Grande all along the trail where it is common to spot various marine life. The trail is also dotted with interpretive signage so visitors can learn more about the natural features of the area. Pets permitted.

Distance: 1.3 miles
Habitat: Coastal Wetlands, Pine/Oak Groves
Terrain: Natural Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Ski Beach

Joseph Kane Lighthouse Trail

The Joseph Kane Lighthouse Trail is a quick jaunt off of the Radford Fitness Trail with great views of the Pensacola Lighthouse and Pensacola Bay.

Distance: .89 miles
Habitat: Pine/Oak Groves
Terrain: Natural Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Navy Lodge/Lighthouse Point

NASP Historic Seawall Trail

This handicap accessible trail is a leisurely one-mile stroll along Naval Air Station Pensacola's Seawall along beautiful Pensacola Bay. Across the bay on the eastern side of Pensacola Pass, historic Fort Pickens can be seen. Fishing is permitted in certain locations along the trail.

Distance: 1 mile each way
Habitat: Coastal
Terrain: Paved Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Mustin Beach Club/Pool

Radford Chip Trail Loop

The Radford Chip Trail is an easy half-mile loop adjacent to the Radford Fitness Trail.

Distance: .5 miles
Habitat: Natural
Terrain: Natural Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Mustin Beach Club

Radford Fitness Trail

Great for walking, running or cycling, the Radford Fitness Trail has some of the most picturesque views along Pensacola Bay.

Distance: 3.96 miles each way
Habitat: Coastal
Terrain: Paved
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Mustin Beach Club

Aviation Fitness Trail

The aviation Fitness Trail is an easy half-mile loop close to the base housing area and the NAS Pensacola running track.

Distance: .5 mile loop
Habitat: Neighborhood
Terrain: Chip
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Fisher Ave. & Saufley St.

Trout Point Nature Trail

The Trout Point Trail, part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, is a handicap accessible boardwalk trail overlooking the wetland marsh, white sands and coastal scrub of Big Lagoon. Open on a reservation basis depending on accommodation by base Natural Resources and Installation Security. Contact 850-452-3131 ext. 3003 for details.

Distance: .5 miles each way
Habitat: Coastal Wetlands
Terrain: Boardwalk
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Fuel Farm Rd.



Corry Station Fitness Trail

The Corry Station Trail is a combination of sandy trail and paved sidewalk that runs around the perimeter of Corry Station, with exercise stations scattered along the path. Along the sidewalk, near roads where the trail route becomes ambiguous, a very thick yellow line leads the way to the next off-road section of the trail. Parking available behind Wenzel Fitness Center. 

Distance: 4 mile loop
Habitat: Grass/Trees
Terrain: Sandy/Paved
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Wenzel Fitness Center

Wenzel Fitness Center
3711 Chief's Way
Pensacola, FL 32507



Blue Angel Park Trail

The Blue Angel Park Trail is an easy 1.3 mile loop, starting and ending at the park's wooded amphitheater. Visitors will enjoy a flat, natural terrain maundering through pine, oak and palmetto forests.

Distance: 1.3 mile loop
Habitat: Pine/Oak/Palmetto Forest
Terrain: Natural Path
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Marina

Backroad Trails

The Backroad Trails weave through the vast and beautiful pine forests located at Blue Angel Park. The Backroad Trails are a simple network of dirt roads that were cut through the woods during the time when the historic Bronson Field training base was established in 1942. Biking is permitted.

Distance: .1-1.4 miles
Habitat: Pine Forests
Terrain: Unpaved Roads
Difficulty: Easy
Parking: Marina

Blue Angel Park
2100 Bronson Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32506