Navy Wellness Center

Current Gym Openings - COVID-19  Restrictions 

Radford Gym located on NASP is open to Active Duty.
Portside Gym located on NASP is currently only open to Active Duty students who reside in the barracks. 
Wenzel Gym and Wellness Center are open to all Active Duty.

*Please see downloads for current hours of operation for the gyms. 


The Navy Wellness Center is the facility for active duty and retired personnel and their dependents who want comprehensive and sustainable quality of life improvement.  Our clientele routinely has an age span from 18 to over 90 years of age.  We not only have the physical equipment but also the qualified staff to ensure you accomplish any objective (from special operations unit selection to improving your PRT scores to weight/body fat loss and strength enhancement) that you set for yourself.   Our 4500 square foot facility has an open-flow design and has dedicated areas for cardiovascular, strength, recovery, a ‘Spin’ (structured indoor cycling class) studio with 18 specialized spin bikes, and a 500 square foot open area that is utilized for special classes and teaching. The following is an overview of the equipment at the Wellness Center:


- Ellipticals
- Treadmills
- Recumbent Bikes and Airdyne Bikes
- Upper Body Ergometers,  StepMill and VersaClimber.


- Bench Press and Power Rack
- Hack Squat-45 Leg Press
- Squat racks, Male Olympic Bars, and Female Olympic bar
- Back Extension machine, EZ Curl Bar and Adjustable Benches
- Free Weight Plates, including Bumper Plates, and Dumbbells 3-30lb
- Dumbbells 5-100lb- Resistance Bands (closed loop and traditional with handles) and (3 sets) Kettlebells 13-53 lbs

Core and Functional

- Assisted Pull-ups/Dips machine
- Dips/Leg and Knee Raise machine
- Slam balls 15/20lbs and Physio Balls
- Multiple sets of Dynamax Medicine Balls 6-20lbs and (2 sets) Battle Ropes


-Stretch Machine and Foam Rollers, in addition to bands for stretching

Massage Therapy Services

The Navy Wellness Center now offers massage therapy services throughout the week. Hours may vary. Download flyer for more information.


• All clients except active duty must have an interview with the Director or designated staff to review medical and fitness history, set goals, and get an orientation to the facility and the equipment used in the designed program. 
• Active duty that are referred by a superior for weight loss or any PRT score enhancement will also interview with the Director or designated staff. 
• Any active duty member that wants a special program is encouraged to talk to the Director or designated staff.

All Wellness Center staff are certified in one or more programs such as rowing, spinning, TRX suspension training, Navy Basic Fitness and The American Council On Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and are familiar in dealing with special populations such as stroke recovery, diabetes, COPD and people in wheelchairs.  The current Director is also a Navy Nutrition facilitator and Wounded Warrior Facilitator.  Wellness Center staff are always on the fitness floor or available to answer questions, optimize technique or assist in any way.

See our published schedule for group classes and times as well as special events. Come experience the WELLNESS CENTER DIFFERENCE!